Christine Lee Bae

Bae, Ph.D., Christine, is an ASET Co-Principal Investigator and an Assistant Professor in the School of Education, Department of Education Foundations at Virginia Commonwealth University. Bae has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a minor in Quantitative Research Evaluation and Methodology from the University of Florida. On ASET, Dr. Bae is serving as the lead researcher. She co-led the design and development of the Next Gen ASET proposal with DiStefano while a post-doctoral researcher at California State University East Bay. She is also serving as Co-PI and one of the lead researchers for Science Partnership initiatives in California, including a 5 year NSF-funded science professional development project and a 3 year CaMSP project that aim to support elementary and middle school science education through comprehensive professional development. In her prior work, she has served as a researcher on a NSF Engineering Education grant, which examined open-ended problem solving among undergraduate materials engineering students. Her teaching experience includes preservice courses in Child Development for Inclusive Education as well as Cognition and Learning and Human Development courses at the university level.

Dr. Bae’s expertise lies in using quantitative and mixed methodologies to explore factors that influence teaching and learning in STEM across the K20 continuum. She has published in several refereed journals such as the International Journal of Science Education, Journal of Engineering Education, Intelligence, and Journal of Teacher Education.