Michele Korb

KORB, Ph.D., Michele is an ASET Co-Principal Investigator and science education faculty at California State University East Bay’ Teacher Education Department in the College of Education & Allied Studies. Dr. Korb’s involvement in university, state and national projects provides a broad perspective on the needs of teaching candidates. Her research experiences and agenda as a faculty member includes understanding the use of technology in science curricula, designing assessment diagnostic tools (concept inventories) and investigating the use of academic language in relevant contexts (biomolecular literacy and storyboarding). These concepts will contribute to the research component of the current grant proposal.

Dr. Korb works extensively with preservice teachers at CSUEB (multiple and single subject candidates, Foundational Level General Science programs). She has 15 years of experience teaching and delivering PD to inservice and preservice teachers in the areas of design and delivery of curriculum related to project –based learning, integration of authentic uses of technology into K-12 classrooms, embedding use of literature in K-8 science classrooms, creating inquiry-based lessons for EL practices and Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) strategies. Dr. Korb has worked closely with science faculty over the past 15 years to strengthen course design for science and education majors – deepening content for education methods courses as promoting effective pedagogical strategies in STEM focused courses. Much of her work has been with Title I schools in Milwaukee, WI (Milwaukee Public Schools) in implementing technologies into the curriculum in 6-12 grade science classrooms as part of PT3/ ESEA II grants. She has also provided professional development support for these same schools in Modeling in Physical Science, developed by Arizona State University Modeling Program ( Current work with schools in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California, includes developing inquiry-based curriculum and assessments for middle school students related to genetics literacy

Her work with the Center for Biomolecular Modeling at the Milwaukee School of Engineering since 2002 has focused on evaluation of and research in undergraduate research experiences that involve students and faculty redesigning curriculum to be more project-based and interactive (use of Protein Data Bank and Jmol programming and interactive online tutorials created by students and faculty who research protein structure and function with the intention of integrating curricular materials into undergraduate courses). Dr. Korb has spent 15 years revising and writing science education curriculum especially for elementary preservice teachers (created Wisconsin State approved curriculum for elementary science teaching majors).

Dr. Korb has experience in evaluating state teaching assessments (Performance Assessment for California Teachers, PACT) where candidates are expected to engage their students in inquiry based teaching and provide evidence to this effect. Her knowledge of educative assessment practices such as PACT will provide for connections to the use of current rubrics to assess the effectiveness of Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards and English Language Arts, especially for K-8 curriculum revision. Dr. Michele Korb serves on the national and regional PLT advisory committees and consistently delivers GEMS curriculum workshops to teachers at CSU East Bay.